Constantine Barry

Principal / Chief Investment Officer

Constantine “Dean” Barry is the Principal and Chief Investment Officer of CBAM. Throughout his entire career, he has been dedicated to private clients, driven by a genuine affinity for being directly involved with the individuals and families who have created their wealth, and for the close, personal, long-term relationships that ensue. Although Constantine’s specialty is the area of high net worth, he is also experienced advising clients in any range of wealth and demographics across multiple continents. As well as managing the firm, he has primary responsibility for client portfolios, using proprietary qualitative and quantitative methodologies that have evolved over his 30 years in the industry. In 1998, he authored the privately circulated investment manual “Compounding Wealth Through Entelligent Investment” which forged the founding principles of his investment philosophy.

Prior to founding CBAM in 2008, Constantine was a Vice President of Lehman Brothers, a Senior Vice President of Oppenheimer & Company, Inc., and a Senior Managing Director of Bear Stearns in their private client divisions.

He has an international background, starting his career in London in 1987 and traveling extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. With an office in New York, he has made a deliberate choice to live in the relative tranquility of Pennsylvania to optimize his capacity to think and work for the firm’s clients.