The goal of Constantine Barry Asset Management and the driving passion of the service we provide is to secure and further the quality of life of individuals and families for perpetuity.

CBAM’s core principle is that, to the degree possible, our client’s entire investment architecture should be imbued with the elements of leading quality. Our main focal point is to design bespoke portfolios of what we consider the world’s leading publicly traded investments.

Thus, we have structured our approach, so that the different elements of “leading”, as we perceive them, define our services and permeate our client relationships.


We seek to provide the highest level of personal service tailored to meet individual goals.


We strive to apply a philosophy grounded in the methodologies of the world’s most eminent thinkers and investors.


We aspire to maintain a singular focus on the highest quality equity and fixed income investments.


We seek to maintain a relationship framework that prioritizes security, transparency and accessibility.


For investors confronted with the complexity of today’s escalating and endemic challenges, we believe a focus on leading quality offers simplicity and clarity.

In our opinion, multiple criteria constitute the determination of quality. We believe the identification, commitment and practical application of all these factors is our edge, and, while no panacea, may offer many investors significant advantages for successfully navigating the challenges of contemporary and future investment waters.

Our experience is that most private investors can benefit from upgrading their existing framework in many of these areas.


The power of compound interest is so compelling that even small average gains over time can make a significant difference to future net worth. Thus, our main priority is to try to harness this power to preserve and compound an individual’s present, lifetime and legacy purchasing power at average rates exceeding alternatives.

Furthering wealth for the long-term

In support of this goal, we work to carefully structure portfolios consisting of leading quality equities and bonds, held within the most secure custodial structures and supported by the highest levels of personal attention. Constantine Barry Asset Management’s services are designed exclusively for individuals and families who wish to upgrade their investment process and accumulate wealth through strategies that build value for the long-term.